I am typing this as I hold the keys to the newest DREAM car that Brian Mederios got for me. I am so impressed with this man that I have to tell on him!

I met Brian 6 years ago while looking for a new car. At that time he said Shelley I am going to get you your dream car. I was a bit skeptical because used car salesmen did not have the best reputation for honesty. He did. I have since sent my sister to him , my husband , my friends AND even my Mom! Brian was SO nice helping my beloved Mom with a new car too! While at the bank in Dundas yesterday, getting out my down payment , the teller said she had also bought two cars from Brian and we were happy to speak with each other about the guy we feel SO highly about !

Brian has been amazing, his honest nature, his desire to please, his patience with our texts and calls , his ability to read the client and truly find the exact correct car, is a rare talent. I feel that Brian is a specialist and I have stayed loyal to him in appreciation. I HIGHLY suggest you give Brian a call as well.You can reach me at

THANKS BRI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dec 14th, 2015