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A seamless, quick, and reliable way of selling vehicles. Leveraging cutting-edge tools, a committed team, and a customer-focused approach,
our goal is to be your preferred choice for selling used vehicles.


Sell your vehicle to us swiftly, with transactions completed in as little as 2 hours or up to 2 business days, depending on your documentation. You could directly give us a call, or fill out the Trade-In Appraisal form, or walk-in at our dealership.

Our friendly team will guide you through the initial details. We'll then schedule a convenient time for an appraisal, where the condition of your vehicle will be assessed. Once the appraisal is complete, we'll present you with a fair and competitive offer. We handle all the necessary paperwork efficiently for you. Finally, we'll arrange for the pickup or drop-off of your vehicle, providing a quick and seamless transaction.

Trust J.P. Motors to make selling  your vehicle a straightforward and satisfying process.

Benefits of Selling your Car to JP Motors

Quick Cash, Swift Sale
Offer, Verified Your Way
Effortless Process
Security and Satisfaction Guaranteed

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How long does the selling process take?
We can process the sale of your vehicle and present you with a certified cheque in as little as one day provided we receive all required documents. The timeframe varies, typically from 2 hours to even 2 business days, based on documentation.
How would you determine my vehicle's value?
We conduct market research to identify the most recent automotive trends and we will have a technician perform a full 360 inspection on your vehicle to determine its true condition.
Is there a vehicle age or model restriction?
We consider vehicles of various ages and models, providing a relatively larger spectrum to private sellers.
What is the payment method for my transaction?
We offer various payment methods including direct bank transfers, certified cheques, or electronic payment options.
What if I don’t have the time to bring my vehicle in for an inspection?
If you’re strapped for time, we provide you with flexible options to have your vehicle inspected and to negotiate deals on your terms. We will even pick your vehicle up and provide you with a certified cheque from the comfort of your home.
Do I need to make repairs to my vehicle before selling it to JP Motors?
Our diligent appraisal process factors in all aspects of the condition of your vehicle so all you have to do is present it to us as is.
Why should I sell you my car?
Our process is designed to be stress-free. Rest easy knowing your payment is secure and your existing loans are taken care of. Plus, we offer conveniently located drop-off spots for your ease. We believe in flexibility. Your initial offer can be verified through a quick chat via phone or text – whichever suits you best.
Can I sell my car if it has an outstanding loan?
Rest easy, we take care of your existing loans.
What documentation is required?
Common documents include vehicle registration, identification. Additional requirements may vary vehicle to vehicle.
Is there a hidden fee or commission for your service?
No. Our process is transparent and there are no hidden charges. Any applicable charge is communicated clearly. However, we refrain from entertaining casual clients.
What if I don’t have the time to bring my vehicle in for an inspection?
If you’re strapped for time, we provide you with flexible options to have your vehicle inspected and to negotiate deals on your terms. We will even pick your vehicle up and provide you with a certified cheque from the comfort of your home.
You have two locations, where should I sell my car?
There is no restriction to selling your vehicle at any of our lots. However, we prefer you coming by at Lot B, 2320 Fairview St. Burlington
Can I only sell my vehicle without buying a new from your dealership?
Absolutely! You can sell us your car. You do not have to necessarily purchase a vehicle from us. You can simply only sell the vehicle and bid goodbye to your ride.


Vehicles Purchased


Repeat Customers




"I contacted JP Motors less than a week ago wanting to know how to sell my SUV. I wasn’t sure I wanted to buy a new truck yet and shared this with the sales team.

I thought I might get some high pressure sales or a really low ball offer. To my surprise I experienced neither, and was instructed to bring my truck in for an inspection. An offer was given and accepted the next day.

I live 45 minutes from JP Motors and didn’t want to drive the truck and drop it off. They arranged for the truck to be picked up with a handshake and a my check. I am very impressed with the process and have used JP Motors for two past vehicles.

Good job JP Motors, you all did great. Adam and Jim were very professional and I highly recommend this company."


"We recently sold our car to JP Motors because we decided we didn't need a 2nd vehicle, I had made a purchase through them about 10 years ago so I was familiar with them from the past.

JP Motors was excellent with us, there was no pressure to buy something from them whatsoever and it was a straightforward process.

When we called to let them know we had a car for sale, they offered to send someone to our house to look at it, we were offered a fair deal that was pretty close to the price we were quoted when we called. They picked up the car and had a cheque for us all within the next couple of days.

After having half a dozen or so dealerships turn away our vehicle or offer us a very small amount, we were delighted that JP Motors was able to provide us with a very decent offer. Ellen was lovely to deal with and the gentlemen that came to pick up the car were very friendly. I won't think twice about calling them again."


"I had a really good experience selling my car to JP Motors.

Everyone I dealt with acted in a professional and courteous manner. There was good communication throughout the process and I was pleased we were able to arrive at a fair value for my vehicle.

Thanks again."

Mike S.


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Wholesale Director

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