Hi Tom,

We just wanted to take a few minutes to say Thank you for your professionalism and help from the very first time we spoke up until the end and eventual sale of vehicle. John is very impressed with how you not only spoke with us as regular people instead of just a potential sale, but in general how you carried and presented yourself over all. My husband being a former business owner of a highly successful franchise is extremely well at sorting out who is an asset to a business and who is not, not to mention he does not praise people very often unless he feels they absolutely deserve it which he felt you did. This is why we have also mentioned to Ryan that had it not been for meeting you we were actually on our way to take our business somewhere else. We had mentioned that we are extremely impressed with your easy going attitude and extremely competent professionalism, as well as how we believe you are and will continue to be a very big asset to their company as long as you continue to carry yourself the way you do.. In closing Thank you again for all your help and we look forward to seeing you possibly on the date of pick up.

Jenn & John

Dec 14th, 2015